Presan and the 16th Annual Great Games

Getting Started
Getting Started

You are all characters between the ages of 19 and 23 you are all friends. You have lived and grown together in a city called Presan it is in the Dwarven Kingdom of the Iron Mountains, led by the young king Balroo.

Presan is a mixed race community Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnomes, and mixes of these races. None of the “Wild races” or mixes with the “Wild Races” are accepted in Presan.

Preasan is known for two things The Games and the Library. In all the world of Zeral (called so by the Dwarfs) There is no greater collection of written knowledge, and cutting edge thinkers, creators, researchers, adventurers. In all the world of Zeral there is no greater known event then the Games of the Presan, first held 15 years ago to honor the recently deceased King Palre the great and to celebrate the Coronation of his son Balroo.

You come from lower middle class families and have received a great education and have been trained in your choice of two class categories you will start the game at 4th level in both choices.

The 16th Annual Games are just 3 months away the city is always busy during this preparation period. You and your friends usually augment the city guard but have grown board with this and are looking for something more exciting.

Please take this info and create your characters. A few things to help with alignment. Those who have committed serious offense in the Dwarf Kingdom may be put to death. The games usually are the execution ground. This is an accepted practice in the culture. Many beasts and wild races are also used in the games as sport, (Orc, Goblin, giants, Lions, Tigers, and Bears, etc.) this also is an accepted practice in the culture although some segments of the society have begun to grumble at the practice especially in the higher academic communities.

There is not a stated leagally supported class system in Presan it is more in line with economics. However, anyone in poverty who is able to break free of the poverty and become wealthy is accepted into the moneyed class without prejudice. Ability to build, grow, learn, and overcome is honored in Presan.

For example a young man from a wealthy family who is not involved in education of some sort be it academics, swordsmanship, or wizardry would be a mockery to his family and less accepted in his peer group. While a young man from a poor family who is always trying to learn and better himself would receive great support from anyone in Prean who witness the behavior.

When we start, you all will be in the great square as the day ends, you and your friends usually meet here to have a refreshing drink and talk of days to come. Many things happen in the great square. It is a public forum for debate, educators give lectures, News of the kingdom is presented by cryer as well as posted, recruiters needing errands done outside the city and in post jobs or set up recruiting tables as well.

Ask if you have questions, try and get them done before Wed night so we can start right away.

T. Mark

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